[Gluster-users] should be: gluster 3.31b*2* destroying mountpoints?

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Thu Mar 22 21:44:31 UTC 2012


As Brian noted, and Haris alluded to, these strange dirs are chowned 
this way when a non-running glusterfs is mounted.  When I started the 
gluster volume remotely, they immediately mounted, such that I had the 
same gluster volume mounted on both /gl and /gll (/gll was created so 
I could ignore the odd state of /gl for a while).  I was able to 
umount the gluster vol from /gll and delete it normally.

So now it seems to be working correctly.  

While this might be an edge case, I wonder if this might be detected 
and a relevant error emitted by the client (yes, easy for me to 



On Thursday 22 March 2012 14:05:25 Brian Candler wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 01:56:49PM -0700, Harry Mangalam wrote:
> >    Previous email had a typo in Subject line.
> What do you mean by "destroying" the mountpoint?
> I have seen those d??????????? entries before (not with gluster).
> IIRC it's when a directory has 'read' but not 'execute' bits set.
> $ mkdir foo
> $ chmod foo/bar
> $ chmod 666 foo
> $ ls -l foo
> ls: cannot access foo/bar: Permission denied
> total 0
> -????????? ? ? ? ?                ? bar

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