[Gluster-users] Separating reads and writes for performance benefit

Haris Zukanovic haris.zukanovic74 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 14:14:13 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I decided to try the Guster FS as distributed filesystem for my 
Apache/PHP servers.

My concrete application of the Gluster FS is for the following:
I have 3 bricks on 3 different servers and 1 volume created in "replica 
3" is mounted on each of the servers.

Intention is to use Gluster for replication/failover purposes.
1. To see uploaded files through PHP application on all PHP servers so 
that I can do seamless failover with my HTTP loadbalancer
2. To update the application code on all servers at the same time
3. To have a safe replica in case of 1 brick failure

Do you think Gluster FS is suitable for all of these?

Anyhow, everything seems to work fine for now but the read performance 
is a problem.
I have noticed that the read performance in the brick is very good, 
equal to "normal" file system...
so I wonder:

Is it possible to separate reads and writes for best performance?
Apache/PHP would read directly from the brick and write to Gluster FS 
through the mount.

In that case I need to protect somehow the brick by making it truly 
read-only to avoid accidental writes to it. How can I do that?

thank you in advance

Haris Zukanovic

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