[Gluster-users] Problem with nfs allow list

tungdam lexluthor87 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 18:34:04 UTC 2012

Hi there

I'm having a following problem with mounting gluster over nfs:

I had one gluster distributed volume with only one node, which is tuned 
with "gluster volume set" command like this:
gluster volume set my_store nfs.disable off
/gluster volume set my_store nfs.rpc-auth-allow,,* *
gluster volume set my_store nfs.addr-namelookup: off*

/I mounted successfully gluster volume on and 10.0.3.//When 
when do it with server

/*mount -t nfs -o proto=tcp,noatime,vers=3 /mnt/my_store*

/ i encountered this error:

*/access denied by server while mounting*

There are no firewall or SElinux enabling on my gluster server as well 
as in nfs client. I configured exactly like above and in fact, 
i finished mounting two of my three gluster ( nfs ) clients, but the 
last one.

Could anyone here tell me why and how i can solve this ?

Any help would be highly appreciated

Best regards

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