[Gluster-users] Need advice for choosing proper glusterfs cluster hardware

Xavier Normand xavier.normand at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 14:26:16 UTC 2012


I'm in a process to our NFS / DRDB setup to a more scalable glusterfs cluster. I would like to some advise on what would be the best hardware match to fit both speed and storage. Currently our actual setup fit's out need for speed, but adding storage in that kind of setup a pain!

Current setup:
2 servers [ Active / Passive ]
Quad Core 2.4
Raid 10 [ 8 * 600GB SAS 3 GB/s  ]
2.2 TB usable space
client protocol: NFS

What i plan to use:
2 servers [ Distributed replicate ]
i5 - Quad Core - 3,3Ghz
Raid 10 [ 4 * 2TB SATA ]
3.72 TB usable space
Client protocol: glusterfs

The big question! Should i use more servers with less disk space to get the same speed. Or i will probably get the same speed as my actual NFS setup. We host a lot of small files that will be read by our fontend servers. 


Xavier Normand
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