[Gluster-users] Performance for operations like find

Carl Boberg carl.boberg at memnonnetworks.com
Fri Mar 2 10:43:27 UTC 2012


Im testing performance on a small basic repplicated cluster 2 servers 8
The clients have an old solution with a regular NFS mount and the data from
it has been copied to the Gfs mount.

Doing simple comparison with a "time find /mnt/gfs/<datadir> -type f -mtime
-2" command
There are about 4000 files in the dir

The gluster mount:
time find /mnt/nfs/<datadir> -type f -mtime -2
real 2m0.067s <--
user 0m0.030s
sys 0m0.252s

The old nfs mount:
time find /mnt/gfs/<datadir> -type f -mtime -2
real 0m3.009s <--
user 0m0.037s
sys 0m0.368s

Both find 280 files which is correct

GFS mounted find take about 2 minutes and is waaay slower than the nfs

My question is if there are any modifications to the basic config that I
can do to speed up operations like find?

Best regards
Carl Boberg

Memnon Networks AB
Tegnérgatan 34, SE-113 59 Stockholm

Mobile: +46(0)70 467 27 12
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