[Gluster-users] about HA infrastructure for hypervisors

Fernando Frediani (Qube) fernando.frediani at qubenet.net
Thu Jun 28 09:43:05 UTC 2012

You should indeed to use the same server running as a storage brick as a KVM host to maximize hardware and power usage. Only thing I am not sure is if you can limit the amount of host memory Gluster can eat so most of it gets reserved for the Virtual Machines.


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The 28/06/12, Thomas Jackson wrote:

> Why don't you have KVM running on the Gluster bricks as well?

Good point. While abtracting we decided to seperate KVM & Gluster but I can't remember why.
We'll think about that again.

> We have a 4 node cluster (each with 4x 300GB 15k SAS drives in 
> RAID10), 10 gigabit SFP+ Ethernet (with redundant switching). Each 
> node participates in a distribute+replicate Gluster namespace and runs 
> KVM. We found this to be the most efficient (and fastest) way to run the cluster.
> This works well for us, although (due to Gluster using fuse) it isn't 
> as fast as we would like. Currently waiting for the KVM driver that 
> has been discussed a few times recently, that should make a huge 
> difference to the performance for us.

Ok! Thanks.

Nicolas Sebrecht
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