[Gluster-users] Can't run KVM Virtual Machines on a Gluster volume

Vijay Bellur vijay at gluster.com
Sun Jun 24 04:29:17 UTC 2012

On 06/23/2012 04:16 PM, Fernando Frediani (Qube) wrote:
> I just built a 2 node(4 bricks), Distributed-Replicated and everything
> mounts fine.
> Each node mounts using GlusterFS client on its hostname (mount –t
> glusterfs hostname:VOLUME /virtual-machines)
> When creating a new Virtual Machine using virt-manager it creates the
> file on the storage, but when trying to power it On, it doesn’t work and
> gives back an error message.(See below. Yes the folder has full
> permission to All to write.)

Can you please post the complete client and server log files? What user 
is the virt-manager running as?


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