[Gluster-users] How Fatal? "Server and Client lk-version numbers are not same, reopening the fds"

harry mangalam hjmangalam at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 00:24:44 UTC 2012

To check whether the point version skew might have an effect, I compiled
gluster from the source:
 and tried it again.  However, even tho the server and client are now
from (I assume) the same source, I still get that error:

[2012-06-20 17:13:52.084846] I
[client-handshake.c:453:client_set_lk_version_cbk] 0-gl-client-6: Server
lk version = 1
[2012-06-20 17:13:52.087352] I
0-gl-client-5: Using Program GlusterFS 3.3.0, Num (1298437), Version

The server was intalled from the CentOS binary of that version:
the client from the self-compiled code.

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