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Philippe Muller philippe.muller at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 10:48:53 UTC 2012

Hi GlusterFS users,

I'm looking for the proper way to manage GlusterFS 3.3 logs.

First, I'd like to centralize all logs coming from GlusterFS. I read posts
mentioning syslog support in this mailing-list archives. I tried a few
volume options like "sys-log-level" or "[client|brick].syslog-level", but
the gluster cli command says these options doesn't exist.

Reading libglusterfs/src/logging.c, I see that if GF_LINUX_HOST_OS is
defined, calls to openlog/syslog will be made. Since I naively built
GlusterFS myself, is there something I missed to ensure that
GF_LINUX_HOST_OS is defined ?
The only thing I'm sure about is I can't find any occurence of "GlusterFS"
in messages received by syslogd.

I would also like to know how to define the log location of individual
bricks. Currently, glusterd forks glusterfsd processes for each brick with
"-l /path/to/a/default/location/brick-path.log". I tried to define a custom
path using "gluster volume log filename volname /path/to/logs" but the
option isn't recognized ("unrecognized word: filename"). What's strange is
the manpage talks about "volume log filename" and "volume log locate" while
the command line tool only knows about "volume log rotate":
# gluster volume help | grep '^volume log '
volume log rotate <VOLNAME> [BRICK] - rotate the log file for corresponding

Thanks for your help!

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