[Gluster-users] C/C++ lib equivalent of hadoop-glusterfs

Vlad vlad at demoninsight.com
Sat Jun 16 19:38:01 UTC 2012


I am not sure I understand fully the relationship b/w glusterfs project per
se and https://github.com/gluster/hadoop-glusterfs, but I'd like to follow
up on the "Hadoop Connector" mention here (
http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Hadoop) and
getFileBlockLocations API mention here (

- does 3.3 install any kind of a C lib that would allow for "where data
actually landed" queries?

This would be very useful to users who want to structure their HPC jobs in
the map/reduce style, but without using Hadoop specifically. (Really, the
main innovation in MapReduce is colocation of calculation and data and I'd
rather use a fs that's mountable in the classic sense as opposed to HDFS).

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