[Gluster-users] RAID options for Gluster

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Jun 15 22:09:33 UTC 2012

Gotta wear my BAARF-hat:

On 15.06.2012 12:14, Fernando Frediani (Qube) wrote:
> Going to the idea of using RAID controllers would you think that for say 16 disks(or 12) Raid 5 would be fine  given the data is already replicated somewhere in another node in a very unlikely event you loose a node.
> Now in a node with more number of disk slots could create multiple Raid 5 logical volumes, but will Gluster be smart enough to not put replicated data on two logical volumes residing on the same node ?

Using raid5 will just leave you with reading from at least two disks
then writing to two disks instead of just writing your data to disk.
Unless write-performance is of no interest to you, you should re-think

If disks are pricey for you, just use all of them and deal with the
failed bricks. If disks are cheap, just put always two together in a raid1.

Have fun,


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