[Gluster-users] How to properly disable NFS ?

Philippe Muller philippe.muller at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 09:08:37 UTC 2012


I tried to disable the NFS service for a volume :
gluster volume set distributed nfs.disable on

It stops the NFS service:
[2012-06-11 11:05:30.142564] I
[glusterd-utils.c:1003:glusterd_service_stop] 0-: Stopping gluster nfs
running in pid: 15490

But since I disabled NFS, I get this error message in all glusterd logs,
every 3 seconds :
[2012-06-11 11:07:26.026984] I [socket.c:1798:socket_event_handler]
0-transport: disconnecting now
[2012-06-11 11:07:29.027195] I [socket.c:1798:socket_event_handler]
0-transport: disconnecting now
[2012-06-11 11:07:32.027447] I [socket.c:1798:socket_event_handler]
0-transport: disconnecting now

Did I missed something to properly disable NFS ?


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