[Gluster-users] 'Transport endpoint not connected'

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Mon Jun 4 20:43:22 UTC 2012

I Have the same problem with 3.2.6, time to time in a randon basis some 
server give-me the "Transport endpoint not connected".

I Have to reboot the server to make it connect again.

I run Fedora 16 and Gluster 3.2.6-2

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> On Fri, May 04, 2012 at 01:27:35PM +0530, Amar Tumballi wrote:
>> Are you sure the clients are not automatically remounted within 10
>> seconds of servers coming up? This was working fine from the time we
>> had networking code written.
>> Internally, there is a timer thread which makes sure we
>> automatically reconnect after 10seconds.
>> Please see if you can repeat the operations 2-3 times before doing a
>> umount/mount, it should have gotten reconnected.
>> If not, please file a bug report with the glusterfs logs (of the
>> client process).
> OK this happened again, bug reported at
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=828509
> Nothing happened in the client log for each of the attempts to 'ls' the
> affected directly, however the client log does have evidence of what looks
> like a client-side crash of some sort (sig 11)
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