[Gluster-users] Existing Data and self mounts ?

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Mon Jun 4 10:21:19 UTC 2012

On 6/4/12 4:05 AM, Jacques du Rand wrote:
> HI Guys
> This all applies to Gluster3.3
> I love gluster but I'm having  some difficulties understanding some 
> things.
> 1.Replication(with existing data):
> Two servers in simple single brick replication. ie 1 volume (testvol)
> -server1:/data/ && server2:/data/
> -server1 has a few millions files in the /data dir
> -server2 has a no files in /data dir
> So after i created the testvol and started the volume
> QUESTION (1): Do i  need to mount  each volume on the servers like so 
> ? If yes why ?
> ---> on server1: mount -t gluster /mnt/gfstest
> ---> on server2: mount -t gluster /mnt/gfstest
Only if you want to access the files within the volume on the two 
servers which have the bricks on them.
> Then I mount the client:
> mount server-1-ip:/testvol /mnt/gfstest
> Question(2) :
> I only see files from server2 ???
Probably hit and miss what you see, since your bricks are not consistent.
> Question (3)
> Whenever I'm writing/updating/working with the files on the SERVER i 
> should ALWAYS do it via the (local mount )/mnt/gfstest. I should never 
> work with files directly in the bricks /data ??
Correct - Gluster can't keep track of writes if you don't do it through 
the glusterfs mount point.
> Question (4.1)
> -Whats the best-practise to sync existing "data"  ?
You will need to force a manual self-heal and see if that copies all the 
data over to the other brick.

find /mnt/gfstest -noleaf -print0 | xargs --null stat>/dev/null

> Question (4.2)
> -Is it safe to create a brick in a directory that already has files in 
> it ?

As long as you force a self-heal on it before you use it.
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