[Gluster-users] kernel nfsv4 vs gluster nfs

William L. Sebok wls at astro.umd.edu
Thu Jul 26 21:04:44 UTC 2012

I have a cluster whose members are connected with a private network. I want to
export a glusterfs volume and also root directories to run  some diskless
computers. I don't quite trust gluster nfs enough to do diskless booting off of
a gluster volume so I want to use kernel nfs for them.  The gluster nfs export
is only for the sake of computers not in the private network, so they can have
access to the glusterfs volume.  Inside the private network, native fuse
glusterfs mounts are used to access the glusterfs volume.

I've now moved almost all of the kernel nfs mounts in the department to nfsv4.
Is it possible to export kernel nfsv4 and gluster nfs from the same computer,
especially if the kernel nfsv4 is set to use a different port than the standard
2049?  I believe that lock manager issues are not a severe with with nfsv4 as
everything (data, locking commands) goes through one port.

If this cannot be arranged *I REALLY WISH* that there was a way with the
gluster cli to enable gluster nfs on only one computer in a volume rather than
being constrained to only enable gluster nfs everywhere or nowhere.

Bill Sebok      Computer Software Manager, Univ. of Maryland, Astronomy
	Internet: wls at astro.umd.edu	URL: http://furo.astro.umd.edu/

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