[Gluster-users] Monitor replicated Gluster setup ?

Stefan Schloesser sschloesser at intermediate.de
Thu Jul 12 07:38:18 UTC 2012

> On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 03:06:19PM +0000, Stefan Schloesser wrote:
> >    My Idea is to use GlusterFS as a replicated filesystem (for apache) and
> >    built-in mysql replication for the database. In the event of a failure
> >    I need to run a script to implement an ip switch.
> To switch IP for what? glusterfs in replicated mode, using the native 
> (FUSE) client, doesn't need this.  The client talks to both backends, 
> and if either backend fails, it continues to work.
I am slightly confused here, I don't have a client (at least in the sense of a different machine), it's only 2 servers with each running an apache which uses the Filesystem (simply mounted). 
The reason for the ip switch is the apache: if one fails the other should take other the workload and continue operation, this is done via the ip switch.

> >    How should I monitor such a system?
> I'm not sure if there's a proper API. As a starting point, try running 
> 'gluster volume status' as root and parsing the results. e.g. here the 
> bricks on one server are unavailable:
> .... 
> Not that I'm aware of, as far as I can see it's not needed. Volume 
> status information is synchronised between the peers in the cluster 
> using some internal protocol, and I'm not exactly sure how it deals 
> with split brain scenarios.

As a minimum I need to monitor whether the file system is locally accessible, so if not I can trigger the failover. E.g. if I manually stop the glusterd service the mount point is gone and hence the apache cannot access its web root any more, or not??

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