[Gluster-users] Not befriended?

Marcus Bointon marcus at synchromedia.co.uk
Thu Feb 23 13:15:29 UTC 2012

I'm attempting to do a replace-brick as some of you helpfully pointed me at, but I've run into a problem. I have existing nodes server1 and server2 (Ubuntu Lucid 64 running gluster 3.1), and I want to add a new node (server3) and migrate the contents of server1 to it.

On server2 I did:

gluster probe server3

At the time I did this, the firewall wasn't quite configured right - server3 received the probe request, but couldn't connect back. I reconfigured the fw and that appeared to help, but it's now in an odd state. On server2, peers are now listed thus:

Number of Peers: 2

Hostname: server1
Uuid: bc37e1d7-153b-41c3-814a-391cbc70283f
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

Hostname: server3
Uuid: 9b5284f2-e00c-46db-a3d2-defd82cf96d8
State: Probe Sent to Peer (Connected)

On server3:

Number of Peers: 2

Hostname: server2
Uuid: fc25b480-17b7-4b8c-b447-3287f46e59bc
State: Connected to Peer (Connected)

Hostname: server1
Uuid: bc37e1d7-153b-41c3-814a-391cbc70283f
State: Peer in Cluster (Connected)

If I attempt a replace-brick from server2:

gluster volume replace-brick sharedcontent server1:/var/sharedcontent server3:/var/sharedcontent start
server3, is not befriended at the moment

'befriended' does not appear in the docs or wiki (though 'friend' turns up a lot of wiki spam). What have I missed? How can I fix this?

I also noticed that the 3.1 docs say there is no way to remove a node from the peer list! How am I supposed to take down server1 cleanly?

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