[Gluster-users] GFIDs not showing up as extended attributes

Kent Nasveschuk knasveschuk at mbl.edu
Thu Feb 9 21:03:36 UTC 2012

OK thanks, I see them now. I wish I could have found somewhere where that was documented, or a post someone made referring to that. 

This all came about because a directory exists from the user view that I wanted to delete. When trying to delete it said "directory not empty" from the user view. On the node side 1 node node still contained data in the directory. I think the directory was added during testing, no sure how. 

(glusterfs mounted on /glusterfs_distribute01 ) 
[root at nas1 ~]# ls /glusterfs_distribute01/IT2/ 

(XFS file syste mounted on each node on distribute01/) 

[root at clus-node1 ~]# ls /distribute01/IT2 
[root at clus-node2 ~]# ls /distribute01/IT2 
[root at clus-node3 ~]# ls /distribute01/IT2 
[root at clus-node4 ~]# ls /distribute01/IT2 

[root at nas1 ~]# rm -Rf /glusterfs_distribute01/IT2 
rm: cannot remove directory `/glusterfs_distribute01/IT2': Directory not empty 

So gluster nodes don't agree on the backend with the directory contents. I attempted rebalance "fix-layout" and rebalance "migrate-data" didn't seem to make a difference with that 1 directory "IT2". 


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I don't think you will see any gluster-related extended attributes on 
your /glusterfs_distribute01 directory. 

Try to have a look for them on the bricks (cln1:/distribute01). 

On my system I only see extended attributes on the bricks. 
None visible on the glusterfs-mounted directory. Don't think they are 
needed to be visible there, since its the "users" view of the filesystem. 

(I also use XFS on the bricks and 3.2.5) 


Den 09.02.2012 17:42, skrev Kent Nasveschuk: 
> I am runing CenOS 5.7 on 4 nodes with gluster 3.2.5. I have 1 
> distributed volume with 1 brick on each node: 
> [root at clus-node1 ~]# gluster volume info 
> Volume Name: distribute01 
> Type: Distribute 
> Status: Started 
> Number of Bricks: 4 
> Transport-type: tcp 
> Bricks: 
> Brick1: cln1:/distribute01 
> Brick2: cln2:/distribute01 
> Brick3: cln3:/distribute01 
> Brick4: cln4:/distribute01 
> Options Reconfigured: 
> performance.write-behind: on 
> performance.cache-size: 256MB 
> The file system for each brick is XFS mounted as such: 
> [root at clus-node1 ~]# mount 
> ... 
> /dev/sdb1 on /distribute01 type xfs (rw,noatime,nodiratime) 
> ... 
> Using the native gluster client 3.2.5, on another server, I've mounted 
> volume "distribute01" 
> [root at nas1 ~]# mount 
> ... 
> glusterfs# on /glusterfs_distribute01 type fuse 
> (rw,allow_other,default_permissions,max_read=131072) 
> ... 
> I have yet to find any file/directory with extended attribute, 
> expecially "trusted.gfid" (don't know what other attributes may be 
> used). I can set an attribute through the gluster client mounted file 
> system: 
> [root at nas1 ~]# setfattr -n user.foo -v 
> test /glusterfs_distribute01/IT/test.txt 
> [root at nas1 ~]# attr -l /glusterfs_distribute01/IT/test.txt 
> Attribute "foo" has a 4 byte value 
> for /glusterfs_distribute01/IT/test.txt 
> [root at nas1 ~]# getfattr -n user.foo /glusterfs_distribute01/IT/test.txt 
> getfattr: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names 
> # file: glusterfs_distribute01/IT/test.txt 
> user.foo="test" 
> setfattr -x user.foo /glusterfs_distribute01/IT/test.txt 
> The file system supports extended attributes, however there are NO 
> attributes associated with any files or directories. 
> Logs are full of "no gfid found" 
> If I run attr -l<any file> returns nothing 
> Any help would be appreciated, seems like a gross misconfiguration 
> somewhere. 
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