[Gluster-users] Recommendations for busy static web server replacement

Brian Candler B.Candler at pobox.com
Wed Feb 8 21:09:24 UTC 2012

On Tue, Feb 07, 2012 at 05:11:01PM -0800, Liam Slusser wrote:
> d) On the gluster side of things, we use a "raid10" type of setup.  We
> replicate two sets of 4 bricks striped together (type =
> cluster/distribute), so we have two complete copies of our data.  We
> break this mirror on our public facing feed servers.   We have two
> feed servers running apache with a custom in-house apache module to
> handle the actual serving of data.  Each server only talks to one side
> of gluster - so we intensionally break glusters replication on
> feeding.  If one of our filers goes offline we have to disable that
> feed server in our load balancer and then of course repair any data
> that wasn't replicated with a "ls -alR".  We've found that disabling
> gluster's replication on our feed side increased performance
> dramatically because it wasn't having to do read-repairs checking.

Interesting - how do you achieve the 'breaking' of the pair? Do you just
create new distributed volumes containing the same bricks but only from one

I think they may be trying to prevent you doing this in future:
but I'm sure you can get around it with symlinks or something.

> e) I have a very small 2mb cache in our gluster clients.  We have such
> a large volume/library that getting a cache hit almost never happens
> so don't waste the memory.

How is that tuned? Is there a mount option for it?

> f)  My apache module rewrites incoming URIs to load balance incoming
> requests to two different gluster mounts on the filesystem.  Each
> gluster mount is its own client talking to the same server over
> different gigabit ethernet links to different glusterfsd daemons
> running on different ports.  ie and

Does that mean: you're exporting the same filesystems as different bricks?
(Otherwise I can't see how you bind the different ports)

> I haven't tried the newer version of gluster 3.x as everything just
> sort of works for the most part on the 2.x code.  There are gotchas
> and things that annoy me but for the most part everything works very
> well.  I was able to replace my old Isilon storage for less then the
> annual cost of the support contract and doubling the space in the
> process!




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