[Gluster-users] Turning GlusterFS into something else (was Re: how well will this work)

Stephan von Krawczynski skraw at ithnet.com
Sun Dec 30 22:55:32 UTC 2012

On Sun, 30 Dec 2012 12:29:53 -0800
Joe Julian <joe at julianfamily.org> wrote:

> Here's were you're getting labeled as a Troll. You have a tendency to do 
> this on just about every mailing list except LKML (not sure why they get 
> your love over others, but to each their own).

There is one basic difference between LKML and quite almost every other
"project" you probably saw me posting. The kernel project has _one_ head who
has proven to take real _management_ decisions in his project. Sometimes they
look rude, sometimes they are a bit late, very often they are just-in-time or
even early. And if you read the archives you probably notice one or two times
where I requested a _decision_ on fundamental strategies. Probably you
remember me being laughed at when I suggested to make cpus hot-pluggable years
ago. Nobody thought of the implications back then. Nowadays cpu hotplug is in
every arm-driven multicore android handy. I am not Jesus. Only sometimes I can 
read the writings on the wall a bit earlier than others do, that's all.

> You come in, spout some 
> diatribe claiming how you know better than everybody else to the point 
> of being told that "this is the last post I'm going to make on this 
> subject". You don't work with the developers, you antagonize them. I 
> still don't see the features you're asking for on the wiki, nor in bugzilla.
> You obviously have some knowledge of C judging by your analysis of 
> issues in LKML and patch offers relating to the same. Why not offer your 
> abilities in a constructive way by using the tools we make publicly 
> available?

>From writing lots of lines of code in C and quite a bunch of other languages
for the last about 30 years I can tell you that the biggest effect of things I
did is not based on released code but on exactly this kind of discussions. One
of the fundamental problems in open source is that quite some good projects
die because nobody has the guts to tell that the basic direction needs
correction. I know that most people do not want to hear that, nevertheless
someone has to stand up and say "this is sh*t" if it really is. And if nobody
else does, I do. At the end of the day most people may hate me for that, but
if the project got better, I don't give a damn. I am no team player, I believe
in "one man, one vision".


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