[Gluster-users] Question regarding RDMA support, in gluster 3.3.1

Ayelet Shemesh shemesh.ayelet at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 13:44:46 UTC 2012


I've recently install glusterfs on a cluster of several machines, and
although it works very nicely when I use TCP connections I completely fail
to use RDMA connections.

I have 10 machines with IB NICs, and RDMA does work between them (verified
using ib_write_bw -r and several other apps).

When I configure a volume with RDMA I have a problem with the port at the
client side. It keeps trying to get to port 24008, no matter what port the
server actually listens on (in my case 24024).

I've tried many options to set the ports, it doesn't seem to work either
using the files under /etc/glusterd/vols/my_vol_
name/ or using gluster volume set my_vol_name transport.socket.listen-port
(or any other option I tried).

Any help will be appreciated.

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