[Gluster-users] how well will this work

William Muriithi william.muriithi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 16:29:25 UTC 2012


> Let's say that I take a slightly looser approach to high-availability:
> - keep the static parts of my installs on local disk
> - share and replicate dynamic data using gluster
> - failover by rebooting on a different node (no image to worry about
> migrating)
> In this scenario, how well does gluster work when:
> - storage and processing are inter-mixed on the same nodes

Have you checked out GFS?  If your hardware are IPMI capable, your
configuration is a perfect candidate for GFS.  It actually is also far
reliable.  I have not used it in production, but have set it up and
played around with it. Also on their mailing list and they have good
words for it

Glusterfs is far better for a detached storage that need scaling,
cheap (Don't have IPMI capable servers) and also redundant.  I am have
having high CPU utilization/slow writes on the clients end but the
server side is very solid.  Will keep testing and watching the mailing
list going forward

> - data is triply replicated (allow for 2-node failures)
> Miles Fidelman
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