[Gluster-users] a problem about glusterfs self heal!who can tell me!!

cdliuhong cdliuhong at 360buy.com
Fri Dec 28 10:04:09 UTC 2012


We have a gluster cluster with 2 nodes as a replicate pair whith GlusterFS verison 3.2.5. 
For the used space of some nodes is up to 95%, we add some nodes into the cluster and issued rebalance command to balance the storage of cluster.
We issued the command from node A, when rebalancing gone for about 4 days, node A is down and restarted 15 minutes later. From then on, we encounterd some problems:

1. Conflicting entries comes with warning: "gfid differs on subvolume 1 "
log from mount client: [2012-12-24 11:43:58.455218] E [afr-self-heal-common.c:1333:afr_sh_common_lookup_cbk] 24-jss-r2-replicate-17: Conflicting entries for /6002/music/6/fe46c0eebbf249858e437c37fe412798.mp3

2. background  entry self-heal fail 
log: [2012-12-24 11:43:58.460876] E [afr-self-heal-common.c:2074:afr_self_heal_completion_cbk] 24-jss-r2-replicate-17: background  entry self-heal failed on /6002/music/6

3. Non Blocking data inodelks fail
log: [2012-12-24 10:57:07.699049] E [afr-self-heal-data.c:1075:afr_sh_data_post_nonblocking_inodelk_cbk] 24-jss-r2-replicate-34: Non Blocking data inodelks failed for /6002/music/84/89aed70d53e24ef0b80910bd2d71c67b.mp3.

4. Non Blocking entrylks failed 
log: [2012-12-24 11:59:15.119191] E [afr-self-heal-entry.c:2201:afr_sh_post_nonblocking_entry_cbk] 24-jss-r2-replicate-17: Non Blocking entrylks failed for /6002/music/17.

5. No such file or directory
log: [2012-12-22 05:22:55.514031] E [afr-self-heal-common.c:1054:afr_sh_common_lookup_resp_handler] 24-jss-r2-replicate-16: path /2002/CLUB_COMM_COMMENT_REPLY/35/60e1ff2052ee43a4b447aba77a263406 on subvolume jss-r2-client-33 => -1 (No such file or directory)

We didn't rebalance for the second time before we make the situation clear. here's some more info:
Some of files having "gfid differs" can accessed by client and most can not, and we can't make clear which files are bad before we try to access them, and some files cannot self heal.
who can tell me how to fix it,please!


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