[Gluster-users] how well will this work

Dan Cyr dcyr at truenorthmanagement.com
Thu Dec 27 21:24:55 UTC 2012

I also don’t think this is a rant. I, as well, have been following this list for a few years, and have been waiting for GlusterFS to stabilize for VM deployment. I hope this discussion helps the devs understand areas that people are waiting for.

We have 2 SAN servers with Infiniband connections to a Blade Center. I would like all the KVM VMs hosted on the SAN with the ability to add more SAN servers in the future. – Currently Gluster allows this via NFS but I’ve read about performance issues. – So, right now, after 2 years of not deploying this gear (and running the VMs images on each blade), am looking for an expandable solution for the backend storage so I stop manually babying this network and install OpenNebula so I’m not the only person in our office who can manage our VM infrastructure.

This does fit into the OP’s question because I would love to see GlusterFS work like this.

Miles - As is right now GlusterFS is not what you want for backend VM storage.
  Question: “how well will this work”
  Answer: “horribly”


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I'm going to make this as simple as possible. Every message to this list should follow these rules:

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