[Gluster-users] gluster command Request received from non-privileged port

符永涛 yongtaofu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 01:15:08 UTC 2012

Just find out the solution.
It it not documented, but you add one line in /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol
option rpc-auth-allow-insecure on
then the error no longer occurs

2012/12/20, 符永涛 <yongtaofu at gmail.com>:
> Dear gluster experts,
> Recently I find if I run some normal gluster commands like gluster
> volume create etc. The commands may fail randomly and the output is
> "Connection failed. Please check if gluster daemon is operational."
> Meanwhile the log says "Request received from non-privileged port".
> Why this happend?
> Thank you.
> --
> 符永涛


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