[Gluster-users] nfs.export-dirs

Papp Tamas tompos at martos.bme.hu
Thu Dec 20 11:45:51 UTC 2012

hi All,

# gluster volume info data

Volume Name: data
Type: Distribute
Volume ID: d74ab958-1599-4e82-9358-1eea282d4025
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 1
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: tipper:/mnt/brick1
Options Reconfigured:
nfs.export-dirs: on
nfs.export-volumes: off
nfs.export-dir: /install
nfs.port: 2049
nfs.ports-insecure: off
nfs.disable: off
nfs.mount-udp: on
nfs.addr-namelookup: off
nfs.register-with-portmap: on

# showmount -e localhost
Export list for localhost:
/data/install *

# gluster volume set data nfs.export-dir /install/iso
Set volume successful

# showmount -e localhost
Export list for localhost:
/data/install/iso *

# gluster --version
glusterfs 3.3.1 built on Nov  8 2012 00:26:39
Repository revision: git://git.gluster.com/glusterfs.git
Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Gluster Inc. <http://www.gluster.com>
You may redistribute copies of GlusterFS under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

System is an uptodate Ubuntu 12.04 amd64 (actually an LXC container).

Hos can export subdirectories?

In the page http://gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2011-November/009167.html it's mentioned, 
that it doesn't matter if the directory not specified manually, it's automatically exported and 
should be able to get mounted. But I can't.

I tried a couple of scenarios, still with no luck.
I appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks in advance,

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