[Gluster-users] CIFS options - anyone done A-B comparisons on various setups?

Gunnar gluster at akitogo.com
Wed Dec 19 15:14:09 UTC 2012

The problem was not the open file limit. If I locally mount on a brick a 
nfs share and use it
with Samba it is not stable. I had a crash after copying 800,000 files, 
I tried a few
times with no lock, it always crashed.

The most annoying thing is that I didn't find anything in the logs, 
finally I found this article:

After reading it I have setup a new machine, mounted the nfs share:
mount -o vers=3,nolock -t nfs gluster01.mydomain.local:/gv01 /mnt/nfsgv01
Installed Samba and set the path in smb.conf to path = /mnt/nfsgv01

As well I increased:
gluster volume set gv01 performance.write-behind-window-size 16mb

Now I'm able to copy around 2,4 million files without any problem, it is 
a bit slower
than the first approach but still ok.

I hope that it will stay stable, I will store a few million files more 
on it and see what will


Am 12.12.2012 15:31, schrieb Whit Blauvelt:
> On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 09:28:24AM +0100, Gunnar wrote:
>> The problem was that the open file limit was too low, after raising it
>> with: ulimit -n 65536 (which is probably to high) I had no further crash.
> That makes sense.
> Whit

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