[Gluster-users] Gluster and public/private LAN

Shawn Heisey gluster at elyograg.org
Tue Dec 18 22:26:57 UTC 2012

I have an idea I'd like to run past everyone.  Every gluster peer would 
have two NICs - one "public" and the other "private" with different IP 
subnets.  The idea that I am proposing would be to have every gluster 
peer have all private peer addresses in /etc/hosts, but the public 
addresses would be in DNS.  Clients would use DNS.

The goal is to have all peer-to-peer communication (self-heal, 
rebalance, etc) happen on the private network, leaving all the bandwidth 
on the public network available for client connections.

Will this work on 3.3.1 or newer? If the volume information that gluster 
clients and servers pass to each other only has hostnames, I would 
expect it to work.  Of course I would have the usual scalability 
problems associated with relying in part on /etc/hosts, but knowing that 
in advance, we can take the proper precautions.

Side note: the public and private NICs would each actually be a bonded 
pair and plugged into separate switches for network redundancy.


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