[Gluster-users] Infiniband performance issues answered?

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Tue Dec 18 00:44:30 UTC 2012

In IRC today, someone who was hitting that same IB performance ceiling 
that occasionally gets reported had this to say

[11:50] <nissim> first, I ran fedora which is not supported by Mellanox 
OFED distro
[11:50] <nissim> so I moved to CentOS 6.3
[11:51] <nissim> next I removed all distibution related infiniband rpms 
and build the latest OFED package
[11:52] <nissim> disabled ServerSpeed service
[11:52] <nissim> disabled BIOS hyperthreading
[11:52] <nissim> disabled BIOS power mgmt
[11:53] <nissim> ran ib_write_test and goot 5000MB/s
[11:53] <nissim> got 5000MB/s on localhost

fwiw, if someone's encountering that issue, between this and the changes 
since 3.4.0qa5 it might be worth knowing about.


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