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Robin, Robin robinr at muohio.edu
Mon Dec 17 15:18:34 UTC 2012

I'm not using geo-rep.

I have 2 gluster servers, setup with replica 2.

Gluster versions:

The error came up after a client mounting via Gluster protocol and I manually rsync from another source to the Gluster-mount point as destination.
I've got the same errors twice.

I did another test: if mount the gluster volume via NFS, the rsync was successful.


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Subject: Re: [Gluster-users] Transport endpoint

Are you using the geo-rep (async replication) feature, or are you manually rsync-ing an entire brick?

What exactly do you want to do?



I've got Gluster error: Transport endpoint not connected.

It came up twice after trying to rsync 2 TB filesystem over; it reached about 1.8 TB and got the error.

Logs on the server side (on reverse time order):
[2012-12-15 00:53:24.747934] I [server-helpers.c:629:server_connection_destroy] 0-RedhawkShared-server: destroyed connection of mualhpcp01.hpc.muohio.edu-17684-2012/12/13-17:25:16:994209-RedhawkShared-client-0-0
[2012-12-15 00:53:24.743459] I [server-helpers.c:474:do_fd_cleanup] 0-RedhawkShared-server: fd cleanup on /mkennedy/tramelot_nwfs/rpr3/rpr3/rpr3_sparky/matrix/.4d_ccnoesy.ucsf.QTQswL
[2012-12-15 00:53:24.743430] I [server-helpers.c:330:do_lock_table_cleanup] 0-RedhawkShared-server: finodelk released on /mkennedy/tramelot_nwfs/rpr3/rpr3/rpr3_sparky/matrix/.4d_ccnoesy.ucsf.QTQswL
[2012-12-15 00:53:24.743400] I [server-helpers.c:741:server_connection_put] 0-RedhawkShared-server: Shutting down connection mualhpcp01.hpc.muohio.edu-17684-2012/12/13-17:25:16:994209-RedhawkShared-client-0-0
[2012-12-15 00:53:24.743368] I [server.c:685:server_rpc_notify] 0-RedhawkShared-server: disconnecting connectionfrom mualhpcp01.hpc.muohio.edu-17684-2012/12/13-17:25:16:994209-RedhawkShared-client-0-0
[2012-12-15 00:53:24.740055] W [socket.c:195:__socket_rwv] 0-tcp.RedhawkShared-server: readv failed (Connection reset by peer)

I can't find relevant logs on the client side.

>From the logs, can we judge for sure that this is a network reset problem ?


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