[Gluster-users] Error messages in etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Tue Aug 21 14:01:45 UTC 2012


have a gluster file system running on four bricks, it seems to be
running OK (can mount it, and files are visible and can be accessed).
However, when starting glusterd on the bricks I get errors of the type:

E [glusterd-store.c:1820:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown
key: brick-0

E [glusterd-store.c:1820:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown
key: brick-1

E [glusterd-store.c:1820:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown
key: brick-2

E [glusterd-store.c:1820:glusterd_store_retrieve_volume] 0-: Unknown
key: brick-3


E [socket.c:1685:socket_connect_finish] 0-management: connection to
failed (Connection refused)


E [rdma.c:4468:rdma_event_handler] 0-rpc-transport/rdma:
rdma.management: pollin received on tcp socket (peer: after handshake is complete

Also, when mounting the file system on the clients:

W [socket.c:1494:__socket_proto_state_machine] 0-socket.management:
reading from socket failed. Error (Transport endpoint is not connected),
peer (

As I said, the file system seems to be working in spite of these
messages, but they do make me worried. Any hints of where to look for
errors in configuration would be appreciated...


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