[Gluster-users] replica 3x corrupt files after restart

Michael michael.auckland at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 18:16:11 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I've build gluster 3.3 from source, setup 3x node Replicate. ( fro
serving VM images to kvm )

All seems to be working fine till the power went off for weekend......

brick 1 was run till battery flat and safely shutdown.
then brick 2 done the same.
brick 3 was running till ups has no more power ( fault in UPS - which
cause power off for the whole room..)

So when I came in the morning - find the problem , replace UPS and
start all of them in single mode to find which one has the more resent
Found that is the brick3.
OK - started - left 2 other stay off till the end of business day - so
can start sync when less loading.

OK work hours ending and I decide to think brick1&2. ( done backup first )
power on 1 and 2 start glusterd
from brick 3 initiate self-heal.

The result 2 biggest file  from 6 become corrupted. Now restoring them
back from backup....

Any glue why is this happening?

from logs I can't see that those 2 corrupted files was healing ( and
check md5sum on all 3 brick show same - corrupted )
again from logs I can see only 3 files was healed.

I can see some other users experienced similar problem:


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