[Gluster-users] Frequent glusterd restarts needed to avoid NFS performance degradation

Brian Cipriano bcipriano at zerovfx.com
Mon Apr 23 14:38:11 UTC 2012

Hi Dan - I've seen this problem too. I agree with everything you've 
described - seems to happen more quickly on more heavily used volumes, 
and a restart fixes it right away. I've also been considering writing a 
cronjob to fix this - have you made any progress on this, anything to 

I'm running a fairly simple distributed, non-replicated volume across 
two servers. What sort of tasks are you using your gluster for? Ours is 
for a render farm, so we see a very large number of mounts/unmounts as 
render nodes mount various parts of the filesystem. I wonder if this has 
anything to do with it; is your use case anything similar?

- brian

On 4/17/12 7:30 PM, Dan Bretherton wrote:
> Dear All-
> I find that I have to restart glusterd every few days on my servers to 
> stop NFS performance from becoming unbearably slow.  When the problem 
> occurs, volumes can take several minutes to mount and there are long 
> delays responding to "ls".   Mounting from a different server, i.e. 
> one not normally used for NFS export, results in normal NFS access 
> speeds.  This doesn't seem to have anything to do with load because it 
> happens whether or not there is anything running on the compute 
> servers.  Even when the system is mostly idle there are often a lot of 
> glusterfsd processes running, and on several of the servers I looked 
> at this evening there is a process called glusterfs using 100% of one 
> CPU.  I can't find anything unusual in nfs.log or 
> etc-glusterfs-glusterd.vol.log on the servers affected.  Restarting 
> glusterd seems to stop this strange behaviour and make NFS access run 
> smoothly again, but this usually only lasts for a day or two.
> This behaviour is not necessarily related to the length of time since 
> glusterd was started, but has more to do with the amount of work the 
> GlusterFS processes on each server have to do.  I use a different 
> server to export each of my 8 different volumes, and the NFS 
> performance degradation seems to affect the most heavily used volumes 
> more than the others.  I really need to find a solution to this 
> problem; all I can think of doing is setting up a cron job on each 
> server to restart glusterd every day, but I am worried about what side 
> effects that might have.  I am using GlusterFS version 3.2.5.  All 
> suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Dan.
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