[Gluster-users] Identical UUID on 2 nodes

Sean Fulton sean at gcnpublishing.com
Thu Apr 12 23:24:24 UTC 2012

OK, this may be obvious but I am not seeing it:

I just created a pair of OpenVZ virtual servers to act as gluster nodes 
with 3.2.6. What I do is create one OpenVZ server, stop it. Copy the 
file tree and config to another machine, give it a different IP address 
and host name, then fire up the second one. Now I have two identical 
machines to install gluster on. I have done this in the past to create 
clusters of four with no problem.

This time, however, when I do gluster peer probe <node1> on node2, it 
says successful. On node2 the peer is see is node1, on node1 the peer I 
see is the IP address of node2 (not the hostname). BUT, both nodes have 
the same UUID, which makes them not work.

I tried re-installing gluster on both machines but same result.

Any ideas how this is happening?


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