[Gluster-users] Setting up a 2 sites replication with access to files from both sites

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Tue Apr 10 09:55:13 UTC 2012


I don't exactly know about the internals of clients and server, but
I was just thinking that, as the files are replicated, and as the local
brick would always reply faster than the distant one, maybe for reading,
the local brick would likely be used, thus speeding up acces to the file
compared to distant file access (This is what I can observe from my test

My main concern here is on file locking with using two
different clients. Can this setup work, or this is definitely not
something that can work. 


Le 06-04-2012 20:55, David Coulson
a écrit : 

> I am not aware of a mechanism where you can force a read
from only one brick, but write to both, short of having reads done out
of a totally separate directory structure. 
> Someone can correct me if
this is wrong, but that is how my replica configuration behaves w/
> David 
> On Apr 6, 2012, at 10:24 AM, François Legal wrote:

>> Hello, 
>> This is my first post to the list. 
>> I have
2 distant sites linked through a 10MBits MPLS. 
>> To improve user
experience, we would like to setup a replicated glusterfs on the 2
sites, such that a user on site A would access the files from site A
replicated server, and a user on site B would access the files from site
B replicated server. 
>> So I was thinking of a dual server setup,
each being client and server for its site, so that read access to files
would be fast, and write access would be as fast as MPLS allows it to
>> The files would then be shared using samba to the users. 

>> In this situation, I don't know if I should prefer client side AFR
or server side AFR (I guess server side AFR would make the files on both
sites unavailable if MPLS fails). 
>> Anyway, I gave a test drive on
this, and seem to be having locking issues (users on both side can
modify the same file without anything preventing this). 
>> Can
anybody comment on this. 
>> Thanks in advance. 
>> François 
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