[Gluster-users] ZFS + Linux + Glusterfs for a production ready 100+ TB NAS on cloud

Craig Carl craig at gestas.net
Sat Sep 24 19:12:09 UTC 2011

The only thing I might worry about is using ZFS on Linux, I still think it might be a little early to trust it with truly critical data, plus there doesn't seem to be a big ZFS+Linux+Gluster install base to help you if problems come up.

I would use mdadm + LVM2 to create your RAID arrays on each server, creating multiple ~2TB LUNs on each server with ext3 or 4, then layer Gluster on top of that.


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> Hello, 
>   May be this question would have been addressed elsewhere but I did like the opinion and experience of other users.
> There could be some misconceptions that I might be carrying, so please be kind to point them out. Any help, advice and suggestions will be very highly appreciated.
> My goal is to get a greater than 100 TB gluster NAS up on the cloud. Each server will hold around 2x8TB disks. The export volume size (client disk mount size) would be greater than 20 TB.
> This is how I am planning to set it up all.. 16 servers each with 2x8=16 TB of space. The glusterfs will be replicate and distributed (raid-10). I did like to go with ZFS on linux for the disks. 
> The client machines will use the glusterfs client for mounting the volumes.
> ext4 is limited to 16 TB due to userspace tool (e2fsprogs).
> Would this be considered as a production ready setup? The data housed on this cluster will is critical and hence I need to very sure before I go ahead with this kind of a setup.
> Or would using ZFS with Gluster makes more sense on FreeBSD or illuminos (ZFS is native there).
> Thanks a lot
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