[Gluster-users] Problem with creating constraints

Uwe Weiss u.weiss at netz-objekte.de
Wed Sep 21 09:07:55 UTC 2011

Hello List,


I have a problem in creating a constraint. I hope that someone could help me
and give me a hint.


I have three resources (A,B,C) and two cluster nodes (node0,node1). Resource
A can run only on node0 and resource B can run only node1.

I managed this by resource-stickiness INFINITY for each resource.


Resource C can run on both nodes but  on node0 only if resource A is up and
running or on node 1 if resource B is up and running.

Additionally resource C can only start after resource A or B


How do I have to create resource order constraints and resource location
constraints that meets the requirement of resource C


Thx in advance


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