[Gluster-users] Inconsistent md5sum of replicated file

Zaitz, John jzaitz at netsuite.com
Thu Sep 8 15:34:08 UTC 2011

Hi Harald, I am a co-worker of Anthonys. Below is the binary difference of these two files.

[root at redohpssh1001 db241_gluster]# cat g/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz | od -x > hex1 && cat h/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz | od -x > hex2
[root at redohpssh1001 db241_gluster]# diff hex1 hex2
< 20306715040 7513 95c3 ffd8 617f 13e8 04db 93db fbb6
> 20306715040 0000 e8e2 0000 0000 13e8 04db 93db fbb6
< 20307115100 bfc3 a622 3468 1d9a 0abd ff2b 8baf 894e
> 20307115100 0000 0000 0400 25b8 0abd ff2b 8baf 894e
< 20307515200 898a ebcc 787c a144 8c6e f82b 0973 eccf
> 20307515200 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
[root at redohpssh1001 db241_gluster]# for  i in md5sum sha512sum sha512hmac ; do $i ./h/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz ; done
f85391147d89fe69be962933607834e3  ./h/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz
ae6cfa8d4048e6bd422c504dfc3bf5edb5b6998838419a56874f38a13ee0adfe41652e87469525d421d149a57add7e8c003da695a484eab04d40c484ad116fdb  ./h/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz
bf25c1dac27897bf1265e06010ec0851e49c0caeb8a84daed3e9e5254902605785c73addfebee03ad91e5d81e8af69af929fe5e65f0060d50c67b3e1617347a0  ./h/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz
[root at redohpssh1001 db241_gluster]# for  i in md5sum sha512sum sha512hmac ; do $i ./g/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz ; done
e52600235154bcdf1201e20619dcd5da  ./g/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz
e5744a9c8535e1ff8dcbf12b922d1497b4a59df4b3dbf596e9eb9f58de43eb6a2b156dcf826c6c98366538821df9327cbb284f4f1265f7d7df11130e0e72f74e  ./g/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz
2ad2af671e8a0157a940766552ffeb075324d78fa4d9ae8f008a7b8a5e6e8a9b9d33ccedc9cb8314ab005054eaafbd7c9292d7af09007ac491f727bbf24b86fe  ./g/nldb241_nlcompany_data105.dat.gz
[root at redohpssh1001 db241_gluster]#

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2011/9/8 Anthony Delviscio <adelviscio at gmail.com>:
> Pranith, the md5sum mismatch was noticed Tuesday (9/6) morning via an
> automated process that verifies file checksum consistency between what is
> stored on Gluster and the source.  However, the file was written to Gluster
> on 8/31.  We're not sure if something happened between 8/31 and 9/6 that
> would make the replicas inconsistent.  It was only after looking at the file
> via backend storage on Tuesday we noticed that there was an inconsistency
> between the two replica copies of the file.

Would it be possible for you to make a binary diff of the two files?
I'd be interested to know if the difference is just a few flipped bits
or if the files are very different.


Harald Stürzebecher
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