[Gluster-users] Inconsistent md5sum of replicated file

Anthony Delviscio adelviscio at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 22:52:52 UTC 2011

I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on how a file
could end up with inconsistent md5sums on Gluster backend storage.

Our configuration is running on Gluster v3.1.5 in a distribute-replicate
setup consisting of 8 bricks.

Our OS is Red Hat 5.6 x86_64.  Backend storage is an ext3 RAID 5.

The 8 bricks are in RR DNS and are mounted for reading/writing via NFS

When comparing md5sums of the file from two different NFS clients, they were

The extended attributes of the files on backend storage are identical.  The
file size and permissions are identical.  The stat data (excluding inode on
backend storage file system) is identical.

However, running md5sum on the two files, results in two different md5sums.

Copying both files to another location/server and running the md5sum also
results in no change – they’re still different.

Gluster logs do not show anything related to the filename in question.
a self-healing operation didn’t seem to do anything and it may have to do
with the fact that the extended attributes are identical.

If more information is required, let me know and I will try to accommodate.

Thank you
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