[Gluster-users] Using volumes during fix-layout after add/remove-brick

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Tue Sep 6 13:43:14 UTC 2011

> I discovered that if you remove a pair of bricks and then immediately add a
> new pair of bricks on another server, the fix-layout operation then
> continues indefinitely.  I didn't mention before that I'd done that because
> I didn't want to muddy the waters with extra detail.  However it turns out
> that doing a remove-brick followed by add-brick does affect fix-layout.
> This isn't something that many users will want to do, but I thought you
> might want to investigate in case the problem crops up again.
Sure. Added it in our test cases. Thanks for reporting.

> I let the fix-layout carry on until it had fixed ten times as many layouts
> as there were paths in the volume before stopping it.  I ran a test where I
> created a test file in every existing directory, checking for file write
> errors and error messages in the log files, and then began using the volume
> normally without any apparent problems.  Therefore the layout fix does seem
> to have worked even though the fix-layout operation didn't stop.
Will check why that would happen (ie, fix-layout didn't stop, but most of
your directories are working fine.

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