[Gluster-users] nfs port in 3.1.6

anthony garnier sokar6012 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 5 07:17:00 UTC 2011

Hi Kaushik,

Thank you very much.


From: kaushikbv at gluster.com
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 11:16:56 +0530
Subject: Re: [Gluster-users] nfs port in 3.1.6
To: sokar6012 at hotmail.com
CC: gluster-users at gluster.org

Hi Anthony,
This is a known bug and is tracked in the following BUG-3414. The fix has been merged into the 3.1 branch code base, and would be available in the next release.

Regards,Kaushik BV

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