[Gluster-users] Substitute for SMP?

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Sat May 28 06:30:22 UTC 2011

Nope, measured nothing! Had hoped someone had already done it!

Plan would be to play around with an infiniband switch and a bunch of 
nodes, testing both hard drives, ssd and ram disks. Whenever I get the 



On 05/27/2011 08:55 PM, Berend de Boer wrote:
>>>>>> "Jon" == Jon Tegner<tegner at renget.se>  writes:
>      Jon>  A general question, suppose I have a parallel application,
>      Jon>  using mpi, where really fast access to the file system is
>      Jon>  critical.
>      Jon>  Would it be stupid to consider a ram disk based setup?
> You really measured that infiband and 15,000rpm disks, and a lot of
> striped gluster nodes can't give you that right?

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