[Gluster-users] Delay for geo-replication?

Kaushik BV kaushikbv at gluster.com
Fri May 27 06:42:31 UTC 2011

Hi Neil,

Please find the answers inlne.

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 8:27 PM, Neil Aggarwal <neil at jammconsulting.com>wrote:

> Hello:
> Let me ask this question a different way:
> Can someone please give me an overview of
> the geo-replication architecture.

> Is there some process that is called every x
> minutes?

The geo-replication crawls the volume continuosly for changes (does an
intelligent crawl, i.e crawls down the fs hierarchy) only when there are
changes beneath, and records those changes in the slave.

Some changes are done by geo-replication module by itself (for
directory/symlink creation )
Some changes are done by invoking external utility to sync them (rsync).

>  According to the docs, the geo replication is
> asynchronous.  I assume that means it is not real-time.
> How much of a delay should I expect for files to be
> replicated across a network?

The delay by which is you can expect the files to be synced at the other end
depends many factors such as the Network bandwidth, the time rsync takes to
sync them (if it's a new file the whole file sent across the network, if it
is just an edit, then only portions of it would be sent across network).

Kaushik BV
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