[Gluster-users] Frontend Server or no Frontend Server, that is the question...

Tobias Matthaeus tm at carmunity.de
Thu May 19 15:23:55 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I have a replicated Gluster-Storage on two Bricks. (Comparable two RAID1). On this Storage I will store WWW, Mail and Userhomes. The Client-Servers (Webserver, Mailserver) are using the GlusterStorage via NFS-Mount. Is it better to have a frontend server, which have the both bricks mounted via glusterfs and which is exporting this mount via NFS. Or is it okay, that one of the brick have mounted the GlusterFS-Storage via GlusterFS and is exporting this Storage via NFS?

In example:

stor0:/glusterfs AND stor01:/glusterfs is mounted on stor0 as: stor0:/export and export this directory via NFS-Service.

Or is it better to have:

stor which has mount stor00:/glusterfs and stor01:/glusterfs as stor:/export and export this directory via NFS-Service.

Are there any considerable advantages or any disadvantages? What is the best strategy with having two Bricks and some other client like web- and mailserver.

Thanks and best Regards!



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