[Gluster-users] Géo-rep fail

Csaba Henk csaba at gluster.com
Mon May 16 15:44:16 UTC 2011


On 05/16/11 17:32, Lakshmipathi.G wrote:
> Hi -
> Do you have  passwordless ssh login to slave machine? After setting passwordless login ,please try this  -
> #gluster volume geo-replication athena root@$(hostname):/soft/venus start
> or
> #gluster volume geo-replication athena $(hostname):/soft/venus start

Throwing ssh into the pot is quite unnecessary, and, with respect to 
debugging Anthony's issue, plain confusing. He's trying to set up a 
simple local file slave which is the simplest possible setup. So
let's first see what's the prob with that, as such. An ssh slave is 
conceptually different from a direct file slave, OK folks?

If your food is rotten, wrapping it into a pancake won't make it better. 
So just leave ssh alone 'till the user her/himself is concerned
about it.


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