[Gluster-users] Fuse mounting problems.

Martin Schenker martin.schenker at profitbricks.com
Wed May 11 11:35:54 UTC 2011

Looks like we have some problems after a "running upgrade" from 3.1.3 to

Most pressing is to fix the current error state on pserver12 after the
roll-back, the FUSE mount doesn't work:

Error messages in pserver12 opt log:

[2011-05-11 09:45:03.1147] E [glusterfsd-mgmt.c:628:mgmt_getspec_cbk]
0-glusterfs: failed to get the 'volume file' from server
[2011-05-11 09:45:03.1222] E [glusterfsd-mgmt.c:695:mgmt_getspec_cbk]
0-mgmt: failed to fetch volume file (key:storage0)
[2011-05-11 09:45:03.1421] W [glusterfsd.c:700:cleanup_and_exit]
(-->/usr/lib/libgfrpc.so.0(rpc_clnt_notify+0xcd) [0x7f98a5032c0d]
(-->/usr/lib/libgfrpc.so.0(rpc_clnt_handle_reply+0xa4) [0x7f98a50329c4]
(-->/usr/sbin/glusterfs(mgmt_getspec_cbk+0x2fb) [0x4080eb]))) 0-: received
signum (0), shutting down
[2011-05-11 09:45:03.1452] I [fuse-bridge.c:3688:fini] 0-fuse: Unmounting

Vol files are located under /mnt/gluster/brick0/config/vols/storage0/ which
is mounted and readable.

I can ping both servers with the names given in the FUSE vol file, so they
are visible.

Any ideas appreciated!

Best, Martin

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