[Gluster-users] Best practice to stop the Gluster CLIENT process?

Martin Schenker martin.schenker at profitbricks.com
Fri May 6 20:40:29 UTC 2011

Thanks Joe!

...thought so! Thanks for the confirmation. Time to redesign... system was
set up before my time. Oh, well...

Perhaps this should be added in the manual? Or is that already in there and
was overlooked?

Best, Martin

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On 05/06/2011 04:13 PM, Martin Schenker wrote:
> Won't help if it's the logging process itself, I guess?!? Had that
> earlier...
> Is it recommended to log somewhere else than the Gluster file system?

Yes.  You should log to a file system on a device that the Gluster file 
system is not on.

> Best, Martin
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> On 05/06/2011 03:14 PM, Martin Schenker wrote:
>> So if I get this right, you'll have to rip the heart out (kill all
>> processes; server AND client) in order to get to the local server
>> filesystem.
>> I had hoped that the client part could be left running (to the second
> mirror
>> brick) when doing repairs etc. Looks like a wrong assumption, I guess...
> or use fuser/lsof to determine which process is locking which volume.
> Kill only that process.

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