[Gluster-users] [SPAM?] Re: Best practice to stop the Gluster CLIENT process?

Burnash, James jburnash at knight.com
Fri May 6 18:14:13 UTC 2011

Here is a link to my startup script - it will gracefully (or forcefully) umount the client GlusterFS mounts on startup, shutdown, or as called.


Just remove the /etc/init.d/glusterd stop logic, and you should be fine.

No comments on the coding ... "Dammit Martin, I'm DOCTOR not a PROGRAMMER!" :-)

James Burnash, Unix Engineering

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Would it work to just umount the share that the client is working through?
That is, if you have

 mount -t glusterfs localhost:/blah /mnt/blah


 umount /mnt/blah

should get the client out of your way, right? Doesn't take it out of the
process list, but it should be concerned with your ext4 volume after that,
that I can see.


On Fri, May 06, 2011 at 06:15:14PM +0200, Martin Schenker wrote:
> Hi all!
> What's the best way to stop the CLIENT process for Gluster?
> We have dual systems, where the Gluster servers also act as clients, so
> both, glusterd and glusterfsd are running on the system.
> Stopping the server app. works via "/etc/init.d/glusterd stop" but the
> client is stopped how? 
> I need to unmount the filesystem from the server in order to do a fsck on
> the ext4 volume; we have the "needs_recovery" flag set. But the client is
> hogging it as well due to the log files being located on the volume (might
> be a good idea to log somewhere else...)
> Any pointers welcome, I find it difficult to obtain "simple" instructions
> like this from the Gluster pages.
> Even google doesn't help, sigh. Or I'm too blind...
> Best, Martin
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