[Gluster-users] Increase cache lifetime on client

Max Ivanov ivanov.maxim at gmail.com
Thu May 5 23:07:44 UTC 2011

How can I prevent client to querying all glusterfs servers for updated
version of file and use version in a cache instead? I am using
glusterfs for webserving and even with opcode caching there are lots
of stat calls (it is nature of webapp I am running). I now myself when
I am updating code files and can invalidate cache with remounting or
by other way if it exist.

I am looking for client side option, not a volume/brick option as I
plan to mount some dirs in default mode and dont want to add more
complexity by adding another glusterfs volume.

In other words I want to prevent glusterfs of querying brick on every
request and use cached version instead. It is ok if such checks will
be once a min, but not on every request,please. Is it possible?

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