[Gluster-users] .ZIP/ .JAR files truncated when read from nfs-exported glusterfs

andreas.balg at srf.ch andreas.balg at srf.ch
Mon May 2 14:32:43 UTC 2011

Hi there everybody,

I am currently struggling with a very strange issue  that seems to have it's cause  in gluster somehow:
I have NFS-exported a gluster volume (2 bricks, stripe)  

Volume info:

Volume Name: nfs
Type: Stripe
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 2
Transport-type: tcp
Options Reconfigured:
nfs.enable-ino32: on

Now when I mount that using NFS (homedirectory mounted using autofs 5, glusterfs 3.1.3 running on debian squeeze) :

gluster-01:/nfs/home/abalg on /home/abalg type nfs (rw,proto=tcp,nfsvers=3,nolock,addr=

First I noticed I cannot run a couple of .jar-files from here -  Finally I found that I can copy any kind of .ZIP-file or .JAR File (Gnuzip or .tgz does not seem to be affected)  to that directory but a large amount of them cannot be read anymore afterwards. When I want to read them from this volume they come back truncated (but not always same size and not everyone)  - unzipping .ZIP-Files often results in an unrecoverable errors as well. Any other kind of files does not seem to be affected neither has any kind of problems on this share.

Any ideas on this? 

Andreas Balg

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